PA UT (PAUT): Railway Wheelset Axle Shafts

ISONIC RW Axle Test software application was created for the inspection of the solid and hollow Railway Wheelset Axle Shafts for the transversal cracks and other defects with use of PA probe situated on the end surface of the part. This inspection software option is available for the ISONIC 3510, ISONIC 2010, and ISONIC 2009 UPA Scope instruments

The outer shape of the railway wheelset axle shaft may be entered right in the instrument through the simple routine. Alternatively the templates of the outer shapes for various shafts may be imported from the CAD drawings

The inspection is performed through the sectorial scan compression wave insonification of the material by means of PA probe situated at the accessible side end surface of the shaft. Whilst implementing the desired sequence of pulsing receiving cycles (Scan Plan) each focal low is characterized by the individually settled focal point “travelling” along the outer surface of the shaft, and the corresponding time base; the sensitivity is equalized within entire insonified section of the material through use of the independent mechanisms of Angle Gain Compensation (AGC) and DAC/TCG acting simultaneously thanks to the unique ability of ISONIC Series PA instruments: the DAC / TCG mechanism is used purely for compensating the dependency of echo amplitude on the material travel distance while the feature of varying Gain per Focal Law voluntarily is utilized just for the forming of easy-reproducible AGC plan. Both the DAC / TCG and AGC plans are created independently on each other with use of the same set of reference reflectors. The sharp focusing is provided through utilizing the full aperture for the firing and receiving of the signals (depending on the PA probe and adaptor used - up to 128:128)

At last the whole volume of the material is inspected in one revolution of the shaft itself or of the PA probe moving around the end surface. The homogeneous sensitivity and true-to-geometry cross-sectional coverage and imaging are provided so for every radial position of the PA probe along with 100% raw data capturing and “on-the-fly” forming of the unfolded C-Scan imaging. On completing the scanning revolution the 3D image of the shaft and automatically created editable defect list are available immediately. True-to-geometry imaging allows easy distinguishing between the defects indications and geometry echoes

The various scan plans for several regions of interest in the shaft may be created separately and implemented simultaneously then through utilizing of the MULTGROUP mode

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ISONIC RW Axle Test software is featured with:
  • Built-In Railway Wheelset Axle Shaft Geometry Editor and Ray Tracer - Scanning Pattern (Scan Plan) Design
  • Intuitive Image Guided PA Pulser Receiver with Beam Forming View
  • True-To-Geometry Cross-Sectional Coverage of the Railway Wheelset Axle Shaft and shaft rotation / probe circular scanning around the end surface of the part either encoded or time based
  • "On-the-fly" True-To-Geometry Railway Wheelset Axle Shaft Overlay Volume Corrected Imaging:
    • Cross Sectional Slices
    • Top (C-Scan) View - Unfolded
    • 3D View
  • DAC / TCG Data / Image Normalization
  • Independent on TCG Angle Gain Compensation / Gain Per Focal Law Correction
  • 100% Raw Data Capturing
  • Automatic Defects Alarming Upon C-Scan Acquisition Completed
  • Automatic Creation of Editable Defects List
  • Comprehensive Postrpocessing Toolkit Including:
    • Recovery and Evaluation of the Captured A-Scans from the Recorded Cross Sectional Views and C-Scans
    • Recovery of the Cross Sectional Views from the Recorded C-Scans
    • Converting Recorded C-Scans or their Segments into 3D Images
    • Off-Line Gain Manipulation
    • Off-Line DAC Normalization of the Recorded Images / DAC Evaluation
    • Numerous Filtering / Reject Options ( by Geometry / Position / By Amplitude db-toDAC / etc ) and Regeneration of the Corresponding of Editable Defects List and Storing it into a Separate FIle
    • Defects Sizing
    • Automatic creating of inspection reports - hard copy / PDF File

The short movies below illustrate detection of the reference reflectors (notches) in the railway wheelset axle shaft calibration block with use of the ISONIC 3510 and ISONIC 2009 UPA Scope instruments

Note: In order to accelerate the data stream the videos above are linked to the Youtube. In case the YouTube may not be accessed from your location please use the link below


The archive comprices some Exemplary Instrument Files for this application

The files should be extracted from the archive and played in the regular PC running under Win'XP, 7, 8, 10 with use of the freely distributable ISONIC PA Office software package