Super Powerful All-Weather Operation Platform / Core Element for
Integration of Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection (AUT) Systems
Combining Phased Array (PA), Conventional, and TOFD Modalities

  • Fully parallel 128:128 (2 X 64:64) PA and 16 independent conventional / TOFD channels carried by portable light weight unit controllable over Ethernet
  • Up to 4096 PA and 512 conventional / TOFD channels functionality thanks to multiple units operation (up to 32) controlled from one computer
  • Parallel A/D conversion and on-the-fly digital phasing and superimposing of PA elements signals, no multiplexing involved
  • Free settling of emitting and receiving aperture
  • Hardware / software synchronization
  • Up to 3 motor powering and control terminals
  • Up to 3 encoder terminals
  • Emergency stop button
  • Rugged IP 67-sealed case mountable on scanner
  • All-Weather Operation: -50°C ... +60°C
  • No intake air
  • No water or other type of cooling required
  • 6.8 kg weight

Among the typical automatic ultrasonic inspection applications, for which the ISONIC PA AUT systems are used successfully around the Globe, are:
  • inspection UT of girth welds
  • inspection of the railway axles and wheels
  • immersion inspection of various materials and parts
  • automatic immersion UT validation of the results obtained by various AUT machines
  • etc