PA UT (PAUT): Corner (L-Shape) Welds

ISONIC EXPERT CORNER software application was created for the inspection of Corner, Nozzle, L-Shape welds, and the like and the adjacent material with use of wedged linear array probes situated on the flange or web surface

ISONIC EXPERT CORNER CU software application was created for the inspection of Corner, Nozzle, L-Shape welds, and the like and the adjacent material with use of wedged linear array probes situated on the curved flange surface

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Both software options are available for the ISONIC 3510, ISONIC 2010, and ISONIC 2009 UPA Scope instruments and featured with:
  • Built-In Weld Geometry Editor and Ray Tracer - Scanning Pattern (Scan Plan) Design
  • Intuitive Image Guided PA Pulser Receiver with Beam Forming View
  • Automatic Curvature Correction for the wedges with contoured contact face (CORNER CU)
  • True-To-Geometry Cross-Sectional Coverage and line scanning along the fusion line either encoded or time based
  • "On-the-fly" True-To-Geometry Weld Overlay Volume Corrected Imaging:
    • Cross Sectional Slices
    • Top (C-Scan) View
    • Side View
    • End View
    • 3D View
  • DAC / TCG Data / Image Normalization
  • Independent on TCG Angle Gain Compensation / Gain Per Focal Law Correction
  • Automatic Coupling Monitor
  • 100% Raw Data Capturing
  • FMC/TFM Protocol for the data acquisition and imaging
  • Automatic Defects Alarming Upon C-Scan Acquisition Completed
  • Automatic Creation of Editable Defects List
  • Comprehensive Postrpocessing Toolkit Including:
    • Recovery and Evaluation of the Captured A-Scans from the Recorded Cross Sectional Views and C-Scans
    • Recovery of the Cross Sectional Views from the Recorded C-Scans
    • Converting Recorded C-Scans or their Segments into 3D Images
    • Off-Line Gain Manipulation
    • Off-Line DAC Normalization of the Recorded Images / DAC Evaluation
    • Numerous Filtering / Reject Options ( by Geometry / Position / By Amplitude db-toDAC / etc ) and Regeneration of the Corresponding of Editable Defects List and Storing it into a Separate FIle
    • Defects Sizing
    • Automatic creating of inspection reports - hard copy / PDF File
The video below illustrates the typical indications obtained on the screen of ISONIC 3510 instrument whilst inspecting nozzle weld using CORNER application:

Two videos below illustrate the inspection of the corner welds on the tubular shafts using the CORNER (cricumferential) and CORNER CU (longitudinal) application running in the ISONIC 3510 instrument:

Besides testing of the corner welds ISONIC EXPERT CORNER and CORNER CU inspection software applications are well suitable for a wide variety of other inspection tasks. One of them relates to the detection and sizing of the Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) on the ID surface of the tubes and vessels near the access holes sealed by radiographic plugs:

Some more details about the FCA detection and evaluation is available on the pages 6 through 9 of the

PDF Brochure

The videos below illustrate the ability of ISONIC series PA instruments to generate TFM images for the defects in the nozzle and corner welds; the said ability is provided thanks to the 100% raw data capturing when the primary A-Scans for each element of the receiving aperture have been stored for each implemented focal law:

Note: In order to accelerate the data stream the video above is linked to the Youtube. In case the YouTube may not be accessed from your location please use the link below


The archive comprices some Exemplary Instrument Files for this application

The files should be extracted from the archive and played in the regular PC running under Win'XP, 7, 8, 10 with use of the freely distributable ISONIC PA Office software package