Operating Tutorials

General Notes

Please read the following information before you use ISONIC 3510. It is essential to read and understand the following information so that no errors occur during operation, which could lead damaging of the unit or misinterpretation of inspection results

Preconditions for ultrasonic testing with ISONIC 3510

Operator of ISONIC 3510 must be certified as at least Level 2 Ultrasonic Examiner additionally having the adequate knowledge of

  • operating digital ultrasonic flaw detector
  • basics of computer operating in the MS Windows environment including turning computer on/off, keyboard, touch screen and mouse, starting programs, saving and opening files

  • ISONIC 3510 Controls and Terminals

    Power ON/OFF

    Download video:

    Screen Brightness Adjustment

    Download video:


    The instrument is controlled through GUI-dialogues generated by the software and buttons on the front panel keyboard. The principles of controlling the unit are explained by the video below

    Download video: